Officially the worlds worst mother.

Yep you heard it.

As of last night in the worlds worst mother.

Pretty shit award if I’m honest.

As voted by my own offspring.

Why you say?

It runs deep.

I made pasta.

WITH sauce.

So yes I deserved the title of the worst mum EVER.

God forbid I put sauce on the beautiful clean plain tasteless pasta.

In that moment as I emptied the jar life changed forever. 

I couldn’t take that sauce back.

I couldn’t stop and rethink.

I couldn’t make the pasta nice again.

So for last nights dinner I was the worse ever ever ever.

That said baby M loved it.

And most of the boys did eventually eat the awful, horrendous, life changing pasta.

So off to polish my award and crack on with today.

And I should really clean the highchair before breakfast.

Another award in the making. 


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