Inner zen

Today I got to start my reiki masters training. 

Beautiful serene training.



Feeling the energy flow.

Then I got to pick up son 2 from football.

So son 4 decided to run away. He’s a runner. He never walked he just set off running at 10months old. 

And has kept on going since then.

He’s a nightmare.




So today he ran off at school.

It’s new school to us as we’ve moved.

After trying to tempt him back I realised I would have to break into a sprint.

At the same time son 3 (the little git) decided to shout 



Not only did the bugger then run that much faster I had the entire playground staring at me sprinting after a very quick and nimble 4 year old.

It took all my inner zen not to lose my shit completely.

I finally got hold of him. 

I should add son 4 was dressed as max from the wild things and son 3 as batman.

Baby m just got left in the middle of the playground. 

Inner zen 

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