Then there were 5

Yeah 2 was fine.

Then I had to pick up the rest of them.

They are tired.

It’s hot.

They are grumpy.

Baby M is grumpy we had a dairy trial yesterday safe to say she isn’t having cheese again for a long time. 

I’m hot, tired, sweaty.

We went to the park.

I was fed up of the wailing and the fighting and the jumping over the foundations in the garden.

So we parked it.

Then it was late.

No one had had dinner.

Son 4 was wailing to be honest he’s wailed since he returned from school.

Except when I was on the phone to my sister and he locked himself in the bathroom and couldn’t get out.

Then he cried.

But that was quieter than wailing so I didn’t realise till I hung up and went looking for him.

Parental fail.

I did hit mild panic after explaining for the 3rd time hoe to unlock the 1930s beautiful Bakelite handle to no avail. 

Obviously concerned about him but also considering my love for the beautiful original door.

Thank fuck 4th time lucky.

But anyway yes we parked too late in the day. 

It meant tired dinner.

Tired mummy. 

Tired everyting. 

I put the little ones to bed in a mess of beans and crying and wanting daddy. 

And now I’m drinking and hanging washing and thinking maybe I needs husband who comes home earlier. 

Not a different husband, different job. 

But for now I have wine. 


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