Just watching a DVD 

At 3am.

We got a lovely 3 am wake up from Son 4.

He couldn’t see the problem in watching a film on Netflix in the middle of the night.

Infact he decided to wake son 3 to share the experience. 

So at 3 am I was explaining that it was not morning as son 4 insisted it was. And why he couldn’t watch the end of his film. 

Bleary eyed I went back to bed.

I blame this rude awakening on being late and totally unprepared for school.

Not the drinking of local 7% Perry.

Not the fact I hadn’t ironed any uniforms.

Not the fact I hadn’t cleared away dinner and then had to do it when it got up. 

It was definitely the 3am DVD. 


Also today our extension starts.

So today I needed to make sure the garden was dog poop free. 

To move the cars out of the way of the skip.

To get them all to school with all their stuff. 

I managed to get the 2 little boys to school with their stuff. 

Not before son 1 couldn’t find his pencil case.

Not before son 1 (after finding his pencil case in his bag like I had told him) rang to say he hadn’t got his planner could I bring it to school. 

Not before promising the builders I would be straight back to move the cars. 

Tomorrow will be better.

Tonight I won’t drink cider.

I’ll be organised instead. 

I hope. 


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