It was all bloody lush 

Yoga was amazing.

Hard but amazing.

The teacher was a dream.

She was a little sweary oh yes.

It pushed me.

It reminded me I need to be me sometimes.

I ache.

I am alive.

We then went to the local musuem as it was a free open day. 

Free and with local beer and cider.

Oh yes.

So i spent the morning detoxing to redox on cider that afternoon.

We have just moved but we are loving it. So much community spirit and events which is great with 259 children. 

I exaggerate I have 5.

But it’s still helpful.

Spent a lush afternoon with friends drinking cider.

Let the kids eat sweets and jump off walls.

Now home to uniform chaos and belated dinner. 

Oh and baby M can climb the stairs.

Parental fail.



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